About Us

MPCPMP brings together many individuals who work on three distinct boards to facilitate Project activities.

An Honorary Board is headed by Charlayne Hunter-Gault, civil rights pioneer and journalist, who has chronicled freedom movements in the United States and Africa. She is joined by a roster of similarly talented and committed individuals including:

  • Michael Blakey, NEH Professor of Anthropology; Professor of American Studies; Founding Director of the Institute for Historical Biology, College of William and Mary
  • David Eltis, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of History, Emory University
  • Shirikiana Gerima, Filmographer
  • J. Fletcher Robinson, Pan-African Activist
  • Randall Robinson, Author; Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law; Founder of TransAfrica Forum.

The Board of Advisers is chaired by Charles E. Cobb, Jr., Author and Journalist, and includes:

  • Amadou Mahtar Ba, Chief Executive, African Media Initiative; Chair, AllAfrica Media, Inc.
  • Teresa Doke, Proprietor, Global Resource Consultants
  • John W. Franklin, Director of Partnerships and International Programs, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution
  • Faye V. Harrison, Professor of African American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Emily MN Kugler, Assistant Professor of English, Howard University
  • Bandele McQueen, Senior Advisor, McKenna Long and Aldridge
  • Brynda Johnson Moragne, Chief Executive Officer, The Wealth Zone, Inc.
  • Donald C. Moragne, Managing Principal, Success Zone, Inc.; Executive Director of Finance, Accession International
  • Niani C. Omotesa, Managing Partner, The Left Field Marketing
  • Bernice Johnson Reagon, Composer; Songtalker; Professor Emerita of History, American University; Curator Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution
  • Gladys Mitchell-Reed, Ethicist
  • Benetta M. Standly, Principal, Standly Solutions Consulting
  • Corey D. B. Walker, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Winston-Salem State University.

The Executive Board of Directors is chaired by Executive Director, Ann L. Chinn. She is the Project founder and has worked as an advocate for children and families in Washington, DC, a textile artist, a retailer, organizer of a collective artists’ market, and historian.

Ann C. Cobb serves as a communication specialist, editing and preparing Project materials such as press releases, grant proposals, correspondence and blog posts. Cobb is a former professor of English composition and literature in the Department of Humanities at Coppin State University, Baltimore, MD. Alongside the Executive Director she has helped organize Middle Passage commemorative ceremonies and marker installations for African ancestors.

William H. Hamilton, Jr. is an associate professor of English and a former journalist. He assists in communication tasks, blog posts, and photographs. Distant Shore, the symbol of the Middle Passage in our promotions and publications, is his work. “I am proud of the photograph taken at sunrise on the Atlantic Coast facing eastward that is now associated with this Project. We might visualize the African Continent beyond the horizon, and that is hopeful to me.”

Edith “Cookie” Heard is a community and political leader as well as an activist based in Williamsburg, VA.

Joseph W. Jenkins is a human resource and organizational consultant who has worked as a manager and administrator in both the public and private sectors.  Currently, he is President of the Surry County African American Heritage Society, Virginia. His underlying objective is “to make a positive difference in all of my endeavors.”