Resources on Tybee Island


Literature presents us with detailed accounts of the Middle Passage, shifting the narrative from figures to people. In this section, you will find books and academic writing regarding the Middle Passage in Tybee Island, Georgia.

Tybee Island in Print

The slave voyages in and around Tybee Island were extensively mentioned throughout contemporary newspapers, underscoring the prominent role that the Middle Passage played in daily life. In this section, find several pieces of printed work ranging from 1763 until 1798. In these newspaper excerpts, you will find advertisements for slave auctions, announcements of arrival of slave vessels, and even offerings of rewards for the capture of escaped slaves.

Colonial Records

The Middle Passage voyages in and around Tybee Island were heavily documented through colonial records in early America. In this section, you will find sources from the Colonial Records of the State of Georgia that offer insight into the role that slavery played in their society. These records span from 1766-1782, and in them, you can begin to understand how legal measures were taken to address conflicts between white Georgia residents and the Indigenous Peoples living in the region, as well as the development of laws to restrict the liberties of enslaved Africans.

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