Picture of Joseph Jenkins

Joseph W. Jenkins

Joseph W. Jenkins is a human resource and organizational consultant who has worked as a manager and administrator in both the public and private sectors.  Currently, he is President of the Surry County African American Heritage Society, Virginia. His underlying objective is “to make a positive difference in all of my endeavors.”

Picture of Ann Chinn

Ann L. Chinn

Ann L. Chinn is the Project founder and Executive Director. She has worked as an advocate for children and families in Washington, DC, a textile artist, a retailer, organizer of a collective artists’ market, and historian.

Picture of Ann Cobb

Ann C. Cobb

Ann C. Cobb serves as a communication specialist, editing and preparing Project materials such as press releases, grant proposals, correspondence and blog posts. Cobb is a former professor of English composition and literature in the Department of Humanities at Coppin State University, Baltimore, MD. Alongside the Executive Director, Ann L. Chinn, she has helped organize Middle […]